Your Information Source for Rapier Combat in the Kingdom of Caid


This page is for links to suppliers for gear for Rapier Combat in Caid.

Note: the administration of this page, and/or the Marshallate of the Kingdom of Caid and it representatives, in no way endorse these websites, suppliers, or their products.  This list is meant as a convenience for known manufacturers of goods and services as pertains to Rapier Combat in the SCA, but is in no way an exhaustive list.  Please, use your best judgement and research before purchasing any products.

Sources for Swords:

Castille Armory – Swords, excellent for entry level and custom work
Darkwood Armory – Swords, Masks, other misc.
James the Just – Swords, stock and custom
Zen Warrior Armory – Swords, Masks and other misc

Modern Fencing Suppliers:

Blue-Gauntlet Fencing
American Fencing Supply

Books, Armor and other Misc:

Gipsy Peddler – Rapier Armor
Purpleheart Armoury – Wooden and Synthetic Wasters, HEMA Gear
Freelance Academy Press – HEMA books
Revival Clothing – Historical Costuming
Revival Leatherwork & Adkins Historical Reproductions

If any of this links are not working, or if you would like to suggest another fine merchant to our list, please contact us via the form on the About page.

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